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The Colours of the Web

Just recently the people over at COLOURlovers conducted a very interesting piece of research in the current trends of logo design. By taking statistics of the 100 most visited websites from sites such as Alexa and Nielson, they then took every logo from these companies and built a neat diagram of how colour has affected the current trend of comapny logos. As you can see below, the results are very surprising.

Image from COLOURlovers.com

Twitter to Release Business Analytics Tool

Twitter have been in the press for equally good and bad reasons in the past fortnight; following the announcement of a huge redesign of the sites user interface the social media site also became the target of many hackers, looking to exploit a Javascript flaw in the applications code. The king of micro blogging found itself yet again in the press following the announcement of their new business real-time analytics solution.

Yesterday in a press conference the company announced that in the fourth quarter of the year they would be launching a beta version of their business analytics solution, which was developed by the team behind Trendly which Twitter took over earlier this year. This proposes a very interesting tool for businesses looking to use the social media behemoth, as it will allow you to view many interesting statistics such as the users who are most influential to your Twitter presence, and give you information on how popular your tweets are by gathering statistics on replies and retweets of these posts.

With these statistics being generated in real time, businesses will be able to change their tactics on Twitter based on these stats, and will manage to gauge the popularity of certain tweets, opening up the possibility of viewing what products or services are generating more interest than others.

Interestingly, Twitter have announced that the tool will be released for free as a beta version, which is a strange move from a company who are currently struggling to monetise their business. For this reason, I won’t be counting out the possibility that this service, once fully launched, will become a premium available to businesses at a price. Either way, this tool will become an invaluable one for businesses currently using the web application.

An Introduction…

In the Fresh ideas office, we love to talk about a huge variety of things, from the latest web technologies and trends, to all things business. Just recently we had the idea of voicing our opinions and stories outside of the office, and thought to ourselves “why not start a blog?”

It’s really not rocket science how this blog has started but nontheless we hope to give our perspective on the latest topics and trends in the worlds of business and technology. If you know who Fresh ideas are, you more than likely know we have a skilled team in the web, marketing, graphics and PR fields and in this blog you will more than likely hear from Joyce, Robert, Andrew and myself (Liam) at some point. If you don’t know anything about us, then maybe this quote from our website will give you a better idea of who we are.

The company was established over 25 years ago (initially called NW Graphics) and was one of the first companies in the sector to provide web development services when the internet first became available.

In keeping with our principle of bringing ‘fresh ideas’ to our clients, we have also introduced some fresh ideas to our business model to ensure we remain competitive and have access to fresh talent. We have achieved this by streamlining our in-house team and complementing their skills with a selection of UK-based specialists and consultants who work closely with us on projects.

So there you have it. Feel free to introduce yourself in the comment section below, and be sure to add this blog to your reader or bookmarks to follow all of our posts.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Changeworks Edinburgh

Changeworks new site launched

Changeworks’ requirements has lead to an extensive and complex site for this large environmental organisation that allows for the use of Adobe Contribute and a bespoke admin system in order to update content. Regular support and site additions include newsletters, download tracking/reporting with Google analytics and an e-commerce store.


  • Bespoke PHP site
  • Tailored content management system
  • Support for updates via Adobe Contribute
  • Embedded E-commerce site (Ecwid)
  • Support for HTML Newsletters (including double opt-in system)
  • On going support


Celebration Cake Shop

Celebration Cake Shop new site launched

A dual purpose website that showcases a large selection of cakes plus an online store that allows this Aberdeen based store to take orders and payments online. On-going support has also involved the inclusion and management of social media into the site.


  • Bespoke PHP site
  • Embedded E-commerce site (Ecwid)
  • Embedded Social Media
  • Multiple image sliders and galleries
  • Ongoing support

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Eden Flowers new site launched

Provide support and maintenance for the existing site and brand. Improvements and additions over the years have included dynamic content (news & blog), galleries, an e-commerce store and social media management.


  • Bespoke PHP site
  • Integrated Content Management System (WordPress)
  • Embedded social media (Facebook and Flickr feeds)
  • Embedded e-commerce solution (Ecwid)
  • Image galleries
  • Mailing list and newsletter management
  • PR & Marketing
  • Ongoing site maintenance