SEO Policy Vindicated

It’s always nice to be proven right! Fresh Ideas has for some time advocated a user-focussed method of SEO, steering clear of certain questionable practices to force a higher ranking. Now Google has launched its latest Penguin algorithm which further penalises sites employing dodgy methods. This is bad news for the SEO rogues out there and great news for all the genuine developers who believe in doing things correctly. Pat on the back time for us! Further info at 

Wishing you could sell online?

As Xmas approaches and retailers aim for increased sales, having a good e-commerce platform that performs well on all mobile devices is vital. Whether you have goods or services to sell, Fresh Ideas can develop, host and manage your website. We offer add-on shopping carts through to complete e-commerce websites. To make an appointment to discuss your requirements call 01224 574999 or email