Mailing Lists and Emoji

If you have spent any time managing a newsletter or mailing list you will be familiar with how ineffective the medium has become as a marketing tool – with spam so rampant, subscribers now evaluate whether they will be interested in your email from the subject line alone – meaning it’s the most important part of any campaign.

Over the last year or so, many of the major free-email hosts have been more readily adopting the practice of swapping certain standardised characters with their own icons known as Emoji. This has led to a noticeable increasing in the number of marketing campaigns using special characters in subject lines in order to make emails stand out in your inbox.

At the time of writing there is no clear link between their use and junk mail and statistically, the analytics suggest a slight increase in the number of emails that are then opened – as it costs nothing, we thought this was an interesting little factoid. What do you think?

hotmail emoji icons

3B Dimensional Control   3BCSL Australia

3BCSL website launched

3B are a multinational service provider to the oil and gas industry. We were tasked with merging three localised sites into one global entity. Our bespoke solution is accessible via several different domains and can be configured to bias certain content depending on which domain is being utilised – this in turn will allow for country specific Search Engine Optimisation.

Did you know 97% of all Google searches for businesses are by locality?