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A look out the window will reveal at least a few cars featuring company logos on them. Cars are mobile advertising space, and branding one with your company’s logo or service description is a good way of increasing exposure, at least in theory.

The reality is, however, that most people don’t notice an advertising message unless it stands out, and in a sea of logos, ads have to be creative to get noticed.

This van’s design was done by Fresh Ideas, as commissioned by Eden Florists:

Fancy it? Then contact us, we offer vehicle livery that can get your brand noticed on the streets.

Trends: Flash vs. HTML 5

Web technology continues to have a major impact on businesses. In particular, technologies involved in displaying animations are rapidly changing and keeping an eye on technological trends is an essential part of making an informed decision when adding or changing a business website.

Not only does the use of the most appropriate technology ensure ease of access and flexibility, but it can also prove to be cost effective in the long run.

Adobe Flash is a very good example of technology that is entering a period of decline; rumours that Flash will be replaced by the more flexible HTML 5 have been circulating for more than two years. Although HTML 5 is still not fully developed, it is appearing to be a major contender for replacing Flash, with major players such as YouTube already using it. The reasons HTML 5 constitutes a threat to Flash is the ability of being used on multiple platforms (such as mobile phones, on which it is not supported) as well as having new features that can substitute the functionality of Flash.

Although in terms of interactivity HTML5 won’t equal Adobe Flash, flexibility and accessibility win in the long run. HTML5 is expected to become the recommended standard by 2014 . A website incorporating the new techologies has a better chance of being easily changed in the future, thus being more cost effective in the long-term.

So, regardless of whether you are investing in a new website or revamping an old one, don’t overlook this aspect: it can save you time and money and greatly enhance your business.