Facebook offers free ads

Facebook recently announced its plans to offer £4.2m worth of free ads to start-ups and small businesses in the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy. In an effort to help start-up or small businesses, Facebook will give each £80 credit for launching an ad (not without giving themselves an advertising boost in the process!)

There are approximately 62 000 000 million people in the UK, out of which about 30 000 000 actively use Facebook. So, the age, gender, education and interests of half of the Brits are virtually one click away from companies that want to run an advertising campaign on this social platform. This data makes Facebook a very powerful advertising medium for businesses, capable of targeting audience very precisely and by multiple criteria.

You can target by location, language,education, work, age, gender, birthday, and relationship status, as well as likes and interests. (Facebook 2012). To this, add the possibility of giveaways and online sales promotion and you can build a very powerful campaign as well as a ‘fan-base’ of people who receive updates whenever you post them.

However, this tool comes at a cost, and you can choose to pay either the cost-per-click (based on how many people click on your add) or cost-per-impression (based on how many people see your ad).

So, an advice for small businesses: try it while it’s free. For some businesses it works better than for others – although it sounds like advertising heaven, some businesses may find that there is not enough ROI to justify having a Facebook campaign in place.

Facebook also plans a series of events in the UK this year, dedicated to small businesses on the topics of Facebook business pages and how they engage customers. Further information is available at http://www.startups.co.uk/facebook-to-offer-free-ads-to-small-businesses.html

Creative Ads

Creative and daring, some of these ads make you think- yet some are downright hilarious (and all the credit goes to their respective owners):

3M security glass demonstrate their product in public:

Now wouldn’t you want to break that glass?

Here Victoria’a Secret uses QR codes creatively:

FedEx show how adding a noticeable commercial to a van can score a point against rival companies:

Bergmann Funeral Services are using black humour to aid their business :

Lego using landscaping elements-creativity at its best:

An interesting interactive ad, to promote the use of CPR:

Finally, American show Family Guy will make you think with this counter intuitive commercial, showing a deep understanding of their target market:

How is your brand communicating?

I recently stumbled upon this article in The Marketing Week, which demonstrates again the extent to which a strong brand can influence a business. The article defines six brand codes: cool, sociability, status, care, respect, reassurance, each corresponding to a communication style.
Mapping brands according to communication style shows some interesting findings regarding the British population’s preferences:according to the study, Brits turn to brands that speak to them in a ‘cool’ or voice rather than a reassuring one, like Agent Provocateur, MTV or Red Bull.

Is offering customers a bit of escapism the new key to success?

Trying to analyze your brand from this perspective might make for an interesting experiment. I’d like to think Fresh Ideas speaks to the potential client in a cool yet sociable tone, for people who want a functional, yet stylish website. But analyzing your own brand image may be tricky; being involved in a business for a long time may well close the door of objective analysis.

I will conclude by asking all the readers two questions:

How is your brand communicating?

Can you become too subjective to rationally analyze your own brand?

Joyce Scott

Student starts internship

Fresh Ideas welcomes RGU student Ana Custura, who will spend the next six weeks working with and learning from our team.

Ana, student on placement

“I’m very excited for having the opportunity to work with Fresh Ideas and I hope my contribution will make a difference! Student internships are a great way to experience real-life work and build a great portfolio, and this experience is beneficial for my professional development. ” Ana says.

Managing Director Joyce Scott adds:”We are delighted to have Ana join our team and look forward to helping her put her theory into practice in a busy commercial environment!”.