Have you got your QR code yet?

We’ve all seen them and wondered what they are and many people will already be using them but have you thought about what they could do for your business?

QR codes are read by mobile phones and provide a link straight through to your website, advert, document etc.

The codes can be incorporated into all printed material such as flyers, adverts, posters etc. They can also be added retrospectively in the form of stickers.

Want to know more? Give us a call on 01224 574999. Prices for code generation and 500 stickers start at £120 (ex VAT)

Fresh ideas – Good Enough To Eat!

Fresh Ideas Cake from Celebration Cake ShopWe are absolutely delighted to have received a superb Fresh ideas cake from Celebration Cakes of Crown Street as a thank you for the work we have done for them on their website and printed items.

Linda and her team based the cake design on the home page of the Fresh ideas website so we are currently enjoying Web, Graphics, Marketing & PR in chocolate sponge and white and orange icing Mmmm!

For other amazing cakes check out www.celebrationcakeshop.com